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Replica Hermes Belt Thick mashed potatoes were, of course, the real thing; al dente haricots verts were brilliant in color and flavor.Pastry chef and co owner Angel Jamison offers a tempting dessert menu, including brown sugar banana brioche bread pudding and warm chocolate and peanut butter indulgence, to name just two.Classic vanilla cr brulee with fresh organic farm eggs ($6.50) delivered, just as it should, spoonfuls of sumptuous custard punctuated by bits of paper thin burnt sugar crust. Refreshing and light lemon panna cotta ($6.50), with its subtle edge of citrus, satisfied a demanding sweet tooth with great success.Jamison’s Publick House is a restaurant for lingering, drinking in the ambience and wondering about the hundreds of people throughout the centuries who have sat in the same space celebrating and commiserating, sharing life’s stories at table.Dinner for two, with tax and tip, but without alcoholic beverages, totaled $57.Susan Gottshall is a freelance restaurant reviewer for Go Guide. Gottshall attempts to remain anonymous during restaurant visits Replica Hermes Belt.