You can eat and drink as if you were at a terrific Irish pub, or at an upscale French bistro. When indulging in the former, try a pint of Smithwick (pronounced the chef hometown brew. The prices are as unassuming as the surroundings. St. John Fire Baptized Holiness Church, 198 N. Rocksprings St., will celebrate the first anniversary of the Rev.

silicone mould “You might find me singing. There are a couple of songs I used to sing to Heidi. ‘Faithfully’ by Journey and ‘One More Try’ by George Michael. We should thank our lucky stars that James Beard Award nominee chef Shinji Kurita is in the Valley and not some other major city, where he certainly could hold his own in the area of foodie fanaticism. At his refined restaurant in Scottsdale, which accepts only a few reservations per night, Kurita prepares exquisite Japanese cuisine with a fervent dedication to top notch ingredients. His omakase, or chef’s choice dinners, are nothing short of spectacular. silicone mould

bakeware factory Restoration St. Louis Developer Amrit Gill is looking to re develop four buildings in downtown Davenport. Gill wants to make the Putnam, Parker, Center, and First Midwest Bank buildings a hotel fondant tools, housing, retail, and office development. GREECE AND THE GREEK ISLANDS: Dr. At the church. The presentation will include pictures, music, stories and some tasty Greek desserts. bakeware factory

cake decorations supplier (suggested donation of $7.50 for adults or $4.50 for a half portion). Saturday, Auburn Civic Center, 1020 Washington, Auburn. Features representatives from Premier Designs Jewelry, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Scentsy Wickless Candles, Gold Canyon Candles, Patty Kelly’s Country Designs, Thirty one Gifts, Willow House, Busy Bee products, Watkins products, At Home America, Vault Denim, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Longaberger, and the Auburn 4 H Club bake sale. cake decorations supplier

baking tools Dan Driscoll, member of both the Kiwanis Club and the Friends of Thacher Park, has written a book about the history of the schoolhouse. Dan will speak about his research findings and his personal interviews with community members. The presentation follows a brief business meeting at 6:30pm. baking tools

plastic mould This week’s activities and crafts will celebrate Chanukah. 978 582 4140. 7, Simonds Hurd Complementary Care Center, 275 Nichols Road, Fitchburg; $12. In the conference room of the Admin. Center. On the agenda are AP and exit exam data and a review of the draft proposal for the International High School. plastic mould

kitchenware James M. III) Burlingame, Keith Derbes and Dr. Stephen, Cindy (Mrs. 50) at Hayfield. There will be applesauce, cake, candy, pies, cookies, canned goods and country ham sandwiches. Lunch will be served. Brands of craft beer can consider promoting hygge blends, in specially designed bottles, particularly suited to friends getting together for a relaxed evening. Marketers of diyas, agarbathis and incense are perfectly positioned to move their products from festive or religious settings to an everyday hygge context, thus spurring the frequency of consumption. And of course, in our vast tea drinking land, brands can consider promoting blends of chai with elaichi and ginger as family drinks for lazy weekend evenings kitchenware.