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Handbags Replica Every four years the presidential primary season rolls around, and the big question in the state is not whether Maryland will be consequential in selecting a nominee, but rather how inconsequential it will be.Might next year be different? The short answer is maybe, but probably not.Obviously, the Republicans offer zero excitement: President Bush is unchallenged.Meanwhile, with 21 states choosing Democratic delegates for the national convention in the six weeks before Maryland has its say on March 2, state Democrats may be reduced to little more than a giant rubber stamp for the putative nominee, who now appears to be former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean.Yet Dean does have eight challengers, and splitting the Democratic vote nine ways raises the possibility of some subset of the nine candidates waging a prolonged battle deep into the spring, with no clear nominee emerging by the time Montana and New Jersey hold the final two primaries in June.The specter of a contested Democratic convention in Boston next July replete with rumors of drafting New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, floor battles to pick the running mate and who knows what other political intrigue in a contest for the very soul of the party is a scenario that Democrats fear almost as much as Republicans wish for it.But the Democrats in disarray scenario is highly unlikely, and for one simple albeit paradoxical reason: There are too many Democrats still trying to stop Dean.To understand why, let’s digress for a brief primer on how the Democratic nomination process works.Including contests in the states, territories and even among Democrats living Replica Handbags Replica Bags abroad who get seven delegates there are a total of 56 primaries and caucuses between January 19 and June 8 that choose 3,520 delegates Handbags Replica.