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Prada Handbags The data showed the Lufthansa owned jet making a steady descent and not veering off course, leading to early speculation among experts of pilot suicide as a possible cause, a theory confirmed over the next days and weeks by readings from the plane’s voice and cockpit data recorders.Flightradar24’s website and apps show live data on air traffic around the world received mainly via its network of over 7,000 receivers that pick up positional information from a plane’s ADS B transponders.The receivers are largely operated by volunteers, who in exchange receive a premium subscription, and the company said it sends out for free around 50 receivers a week, each costing around 500 euros ($570) to manufacture and post.”We’re very lucky that people find this all so fascinating,” Lindahl told Reuters.From a two man start up in Sweden, Flightradar24 has now overtaken other flight tracking services such as FlightAware and Flightstats in terms of popularity and says airlines and airports are also turning to using its services.For example both Dublin Airport and European budget carrier easyJet have signed up with Flightradar24 to provide tracking information services for their flights.Flightradar24 also sells data to two of the world’s largest 10 airlines and Lindahl expects more will follow, though with a full time staff of just 20, he said it is tough to meet demands for customized services.As aviation fans, they hit on the idea of installing ADS B receivers on the roofs of Prada replica replica Prada their homes to track planes over Stockholm. Tracking planes quickly proved far more popular than comparing prices and so they decided to focus on Flightradar24.In order to boost coverage further, Flightradar24 has sent out over 100 receivers to Africa alone this year and is also in talks to put receivers on buoys at sea, although Lindahl expects this to take some time.”It’s about building up our network of receivers and that’s where we’re putting our focus,” he said.And funding does not appear to be a problem. Lindahl says Flightradar24 made an operating profit in its last financial year of 20 million Prada Bags Replica Swedish crowns ($2.4 million) on revenue of 43 million and has caught the eye of venture capital investors Prada Handbags.