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Hermes Replica Handbags Stretton of West Chester, Chester County, told the six justices, who are Merlo’s first and only line of appeal, that he believes the court can decide whether the punishment fits the offense.”As long as they didn’t send her to jail or put her on the rack that’s lawful? We can’t do anything? I don’t think this court is limited in that way,” Stretton said.Stretton told the justices he believes Merlo’s removal from the bench, a punishment handed down to Pennsylvania district judges only five times in the last decade, is too severe under the circumstances.Because the court found Merlo’s conduct brought her office into disrepute, she will also lose her pension and benefits. It’s unclear how much Merlo’s monthly pension payments would be because she has not asked to collect a benefit.”If I can convince you of a lesser form of discipline in this case, that would be a victory,” Stretton said.Stretton told the justices that the disciplinary court failed to consider a number of important factors Merlo raised during her three day trial during May and June 2011.Most of the work that she missed was because she faced a primary election challenge in 2009. With her court covering a rough and tumble section of inner city Allentown, she was forced to campaign during the day, when it was safe, Stretton said.The disciplinary court also failed to consider Merlo’s many favorable character witnesses and positive work in the community before and during her seven years on the bench, Stretton said.And it failed to consider that Lehigh County Court administrators collected complaints about Merlo for years without confronting her about her conduct before submitting them to the Judicial Conduct Board, which brings misconduct charges against judges who behave badly, her attorney said.That allegation attracted the interest of Justice J Hermes Replica Handbags.