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canada goose jackets on sale Floyd Mayweather only LOOKS like he’s taking Conor McGregor showdown lightly, insists Chris Eubank JnrBoxing legend is acting more like a tourist than a fighter in Las Vegas despite Saturday’s showpiece being just four days away. But British world champion who has seen him in the gym knows the real story16:12, 22 AUG 2017Updated16:21, 22 AUG 2017Having trained in the former five division world champion’s gym recently, Chris Eubank Jr can attest to that.”Watching Floyd train over the last three weeks, in my opinion he’s in just as good condition as he was when I watched him train for Manny Pacquiao,” said Eubank, Britain’s IBO world super middleweight champion.”Even though Conor has never had a professional boxing match, Floyd is not taking this fight lightly at all he is going to bring it.”Other than a visit to a shooting range this week, McGregor has been holed up in his training compound.’Show respect and be the pride of boxing!’ Anthony Joshua delivers message to McGregor and MayweatherOften the only clue as to his presence at the UFC’s state of the art canada goose outlet cheap canada goose gym has been his neon green Lamborghini.”All the hard work is done at this stage, it’s just about sharpening a few things, touching up the game plan, working on certain shots and making sure we have it down to a T,” McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy said.”Conor will still improve with the work we have to do, but the hard training is done; there’s no more 12 round sparring, there’s no more killing himself. He’s as fit as he’s going to be. canada goose jackets on sale

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