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Canada Goose Parkas Amanda is one of six North Dakotans who tell their personal stories through the campaign.The North Dakota Brain Injury Network and North Dakota Department of Human Services are co sponsoring the campaign, using television, radio, print, online and outdoor marketing.Brain injury is caused by an external impact, usually a violent blow to the head. Often associated with young athletes, there a particular risk to small children and seniors from falls. The repercussions of an injury vary and can affect ability to think and solve problems, move and speak, or control behavior, emotions and reactions.More than 13,000 North Dakotans currently live with long term disabilities related to traumatic brain injuries, and an estimated 3,700 residents sustain TBIs each year, according to North Dakota Brain Injury Network.Lund, 37, suffered a traumatic brain injury six years ago, about a year before she and her family moved to Minot from Minnesota Canada Goose Parkas.